Our Testimonials

We appreciated her work as a realtor immensely! -- Mar 2009

To Whom It May Concern,

We recently purchased a home in Pacific Grove long distance from Minneapolis, MN using DeborahWood. Deborah did a fantastic job of coordinating homes to see based on input from us for three trips with marathon days of seeing homes. She bent over backwards providing assistance and given our long distance coordination it was very helpful.

Deborah showed herself to be honest, concerned about getting things done correctly, considerate of our long distance struggles and was very comfortable to work with. We appreciated her work as a realtor immensely.


– Jon Carrie Gerdes 2009

Deborah did a great job for me! -- Mar 2008

To Whom it May Concern:

Deborah Wood successfully sold my condominium in a declining market for a good price

I interviewed a few potential agents before choosing Deborah – it turns out she was a great choice. I
chose her because of her experience, her attention to me and what I wanted, her realistic appraisal of
the current local market conditions, and her awareness of the emotional aspects of the sale. She really
does work for the client, not for the bucks.

Her attention to detail, her always availability, her promptness in answering queries, her thoroughness
in reviewing all the documentation that I needed to review and sign, were totally impressive. I had no
idea there was so much paperwork involved in selling a house, and I only saw a small portion of it. My
trust in Deborah’s ability and attention to detail is complete.

Her willingness to negotiate, and to negotiate successfully, I appreciate. She was tenacious but
reasonable about keeping the asking price firm – she did not give in to the lowering conditions until it
was both necessary and wise to do so. This followed the plan we had initially laid out to see what the
market would bear, to keep and eye on the comps, and adjust only when necessary. As it was, the
condo sold for about 3.5% under initial asking.

Once I signed the listing agreement Deborah sprang into action, delivering a website specific to the
property in a couple of days, setting up broker tour dates, and doing whatever else that happens in the
background that the seller does not have to see.
As you can tell, Deborah did a great job for me. I thoroughly recommend her.

PS I also chose her because of the brokerage she works with. My sister-in-law, a mortgage broker (with
no financial ties to this sale) recommended Deborah’s brokerage, RE/MAX as being on the ball and
aggressive for their clients.

Yours Truly,

– Richard King 2008

I would recommend her to any of my family or friends in a heartbeat! -- Mar 2008

I just completed the sale of my mother’s home in Boulder Creek with Deborah Wood as my Realtor, and
I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome and with the services Deborah provided. Deborah was
referred to me by friends who had worked with her in the purchase of their first home. They told me
Deborah is an outstanding Realtor, and they were absolutely right. When I first began meeting with
Deborah last year, I hadn’t decided if I wanted to sell my mother’s home or re-rent it. Deborah provided
detailed information about the real estate market for several months and even suggested that I might
wait until the market improves before placing the house on the market. She was patient and
professional giving me the space to make the decision that worked for our situation.

Once I decided to place the home on the market, Deborah kicked in to gear with her marketing. We
spoke once a week about any showings and the real estate market. Our house was on the market
during the “credit crunch” period so there were very few sales for months. Deborah worked very hard
to give our house exposure and kept us informed of the Boulder Creek comps. Her web marketing
ultimately brought a buyer from the San Jose area.

In general, I found Deborah to be very knowledgeable of the real estate market, very present, and
respectful. She returned all of my calls promptly and was on time for every appointment. She was
especially sensitive and respectful in speaking with my elderly mother about the terms of the buyer’s
offer, yet she was firm with the other agent when negotiating our best interests. She isn’t at all like a
car salesman, but she followed through on everything that she promised and then some. I would
recommend her to any of my family or friends in a heartbeat.

– Marie Lumazar 2008

I cannot possibly thank you enough for all of the work! -- Mar 2008

Dear Deborah,

I cannot possibly thank you enough for all of the work you put into finding me the perfect home. My
situation was a little bit difficult, given that I was looking from out of town (from the San Francisco area),
and looking for a home that I first wanted to rent out and later move into. These criteria affected when
and how we could view properties and which properties were suitable to fit all of my needs. These
challenges never once deterred you! You always listened carefully when I talked about what I was
looking for and then proceeded to remember every detail.

One of the many things I loved about working with you was that you took it upon yourself to contact me
when you came across properties that looked like a good fit for me. When working full-time and looking
for properties from out of town, I really needed a proactive agent who would help maneuver me
through the process and inform me about the area. You did both.
You were always on time for every meeting we had and always maintained an incredibly positive,
upbeat mood – even when we were climbing through terrain in the dark with flashlights (that you
provided!). You even laughed at my husband’s quirky jokes!

The fact that we looked at properties for over a year did not deter you, nor did it seem to bother you at
all. You were far more interested in helping me find the right property than you were worrying about
your own time.

When we went into contract on a property, you were on the ball! You helped arrange all of the
inspections and attended every inspection, including the inspections that I could not attend due to the
distance. You kindly and thoroughly guided me through the entire process. And when I withdrew my
offer during the inspection period, you never once showed any upset, given all of the time and work you
had just put into the deal. You assured me that my comfort with the property was paramount, and we
continued looking.

In the end, I felt I was not going to find the home I was looking for in the San Lorenzo Valley, so I
discontinued my search. After all of the time you spent with me, you were nothing but warm, kind, and
understanding with me when I informed you of my decision. You genuinely care about your clients, and
you put their needs first.

– Loren Shuften 2008

Thank you for all of your hard work! -- Mar 2007

Deborah, Thank you for all of your hard work. You waited for a few months instead of a few weeks
before listing my home. The contract meeting was great. I had never had a real estate agent be so
precise before. You listened to every word I said about issues and reports. When another realtor would
bring up problems with my home, I thought you would make me correct the problems. Thank you for
not pushing the issues.

Your energy is something else. Your motto should be “buckle up and hang on”. The speed you got the
web-site up, the mls listings posted and the countless other ads were great. Thanks for all of the Open
Houses too.

Deborah, there are so many other items that you did, like always staying in contact with me and
showing me the spread-sheets with the current and past sales. Deborah, I know I have left our
countless things you did to sell my home. Please feel free to give my new phone number to anyone
thinking about hiring you as their agent. (541-761-5828). If they don’t hire you they are NUTS.

– Ron Bruce 2007

I would absolutely choose Deborah Wood to handle it all! -- Mar 2007

We are writing this as a recommendation of Deborah Wood so that you may be encouraged to
experience her genuine warmth and astounding professionalism.

Robin and I had been looking for horse property in Santa Cruz County for over a year. We had
interviewed 3 Realtors from well-known real estate companies and were not impressed until we met
Deborah Wood. Being quite green in the real estate market, we needed a bit of “hand-holding”. Not
only did Deborah take the time to show us a wonderful home the day after Christmas, but she also
provided current inspection, permit, and title reports when we expressed a sincere interest in the
property. Additionally, she would email us upcoming deadlines (inspections) and crucial time
constraints well before they took place, which enabled us to schedule our time appropriately

This transaction was unique in many ways. But the most profound element of the transaction was the
fact that Deborah represented both seller and buyer. While this might be unheard of or discouraged,
Deborah had the ability to treat both sides fairly which culminated into both parties being happy. She
looked out for both sides while simultaneously attending to both parties separately as necessary. I also
found her available for counsel often after normal business hours. She was in attendance and available
at every moment of this transaction. If I ever buy or sell another property, or if I have friends that want
to do the same, I would absolutely choose Deborah Wood to handle it all.

– Robbin Collins Ingrid Gain 2007

We highly recommend Deborah Wood as an able and trustworthy Realtor! -- Mar 2007

We are happy to have the opportunity to recommend Mrs. Deborah Wood as a realtor of the highest
quality both in terms of her professional experience and ability, and her personal commitment to
serving her clients with dedication & care.

Coming from the mid-west to California presented us with something of a shock and forced us to be
extra cautions in our choice of a realtor who would understand our needs and give us her dedicated
attention to finding a home that met our particular requirements. After interviewing several realtors,
we felt that Deborah would serve us well and we were not disappointed.

Deborah Wood proved to be skillful, knowledgeable, personable and hard working,, listening carefully
to our concerns and bringing us exhaustive information about available homes in the area. She never
seem to tire of our efforts to look further when we were not quite sure, and she handled the
complicated business of negotiations and closing agreements with the seller when we finally made our
choice with an expertise that put our minds at ease.

We highly recommend Deborah Wood as an able and trustworthy realtor to anyone seeking to purchase
a home in Santa Cruz County.


-Darrell Sue Yeaney 2007

I found her to be an honest, hard-working professional! -- Mar 2006

I recently purchased my first home in the Santa Cruz area with the help of Deborah Wood.

After looking for a home for six months, I had met many different agents. I decided on
working with Deborah because I found her to be an honest, hard-working professional who listens
carefully to your needs. She never pressured me. She always returned my calls and emails.

She was very knowledgeable about all facets of the home buying process. I appreciated her
attention to detail especially during escrow.

In retrospect, Deborah helped make my first home buying experience a positive one.

She answered all my questions every step of the way.

I am very pleased with the home that I purchased. I would not hesitate to recommend her.

I look forward to working with Deborah again when I am ready to buy another home.

– Loretta Valdez 2006

Deborah was very good at communicating with us each step of the way! -- Mar 2006

We have just completed the sale of our home in Santa Cruz with Deborah Wood as our listing agent and
we couldn’t be more pleased with her service. We originally hired Deborah because of her honesty and
fairness. We soon learned that she put our needs first in many ways and really protected our interests
as home-sellers.

Deborah was very good at communicating with us each step of the way. She contacted agents after
they showed our home and shared their comments with us. She returned our phone calls promptly and
generally followed through with what she said she would do. I appreciated being kept “in the loop”.
Deborah was very knowledgeable about Real Estate Contracts and explained things well. We weren’t in
a hurry to sell, and I feel she got the best price for us in our current Real Estate Market. I can’t think of
any way she could have served us better. I would be happy to recommend Deborah Wood to our
friends and neighbors who are selling or buying a home.

– Jutta Harry Mockoski 2006

Deborah Wood greatly assisted us in the purchase of our house in Ben Lomond! -- Mar 2006

Deborah Wood greatly assisted us in the purchase of our house in Ben Lomond. We feel she provided
service that was well above what is expected from a real estate agent. She listened to our concerns and
managed all the details that came up on the purchase of an older home. She recommended inspections
and estimates that helped us truly decide if the property we were interested in was right for us. We feel
she really had our best interest at heart and was not out for a quick sale.

With all the stress of moving to a new state and starting a new job, it was very reassuring that she was
there to help with all the details. We have worked with many agents over the years and feel Deborah
was by far the best to work with and very professional.

We have no hesitation in referring Deborah to any of our friends or relatives.

-Brian Harriet Lacey 2006

We recommend her highly! -- Mar 2006

This is to recommend Deborah Wood as a real estate agent.

She guided us with great patience as we researched and weighed the implications of remodeling our
home vs selling as-is, and continually kept us up to date with a changing market.

Once on the market, she was patient when we weren’t willing to accept the first couple of offers. In the
end, she sold our home for a price we were comfortable with in a short time and in a difficult market.

During the sales process, she followed through on every detail with what turned out to be a difficult
buyer’s agent. She caught problems in the offer, counter offer and so on that we never would have
caught and that not catching could have meant problems down the line.

To make her job even more challenging on this sale, we were both in remote locations, one of us in San
Francisco, the other in France. She seamlessly and efficiently kept us both up to date despite a 9-hour
time difference on one end. Her mastery of electronic media was particularly important in our case.

Personality, of course, is important, too, and we found Deborah to be upbeat and nice to deal with,
assertive without being pushy, knowledgeable and informative without being overbearing. What’s more,
she understood, sympathized with, and dealt well with the emotional elements of our sale. We
recommend her highly.

-Barbara-Lessley Berry 2006