Our Testimonials

I would highly recommend her! -- Mar 2015

I recently had a renter move out of a condo I owned in Capitola. Now that I live in Washington State I
figured I was too far away to continue to manage the property. I contacted Deborah and mailed a key to
her. As soon as she got the key she went out to the property, photographed it and sent the photo’s back
to me. She listed the property for me and performed a number of duties above and beyond the call due
to the fact I was so far away. Throughout the time I was in contact with her she was courteous, prompt,
and very professional. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell property in the
Santa Cruz area.

– Richard Schweitzer 2013

I would highly recommend her for any real estate venture! -- Mar 2015

Deborah Wood was our agent when we purchased our home. She was so helpful and stuck right next to
us through the entire process. We couldn’t have been in better hands. As a first time buyer I had millions
of questions. She was never impatient or unavailable

She has a sense of fairness that is uncommon. I would highly recommend her for any real estate

– Robin Collins 2013

Thank you Deborah you rock!! -- Mar 2015

Deborah is awesome! We live 2:45 minutes away from where we wanted to purchase a beach house.
We emailed Deborah based on her Yelp reviews and received a call back, the same day… Easter! She
continued this excellent customer service and worked hard to help us find our perfect home away from
home. In less then two months we have moved in! An added bonus to her strong work ethic and
delightful personality was her ability to provide us with the option of electronic signatures for all off our
documents including closing, which saved us hours of travel. Thank you Deborah you rock!!

– Nylen-Moore 2013

Deborah is great! -- Mar 2015

Deborah is great!!

She helped us find the right home for us that is in our price range. She always found time that worked
for us when we were looking at houses. She was full of quality information and always did her
homework on every house we went to see. She pulled out all the stops to make sure that our first offer
was as solid as it could be and it was accepted!

Deborah helped us through a short sale process that can often times be long and complicated. She
always kept us as up to date as possible. When she got new information we had it later that same day.
Wow! When ever we had questions she was always available to answer them, text, email, or phone call
which ever we preferred.

We are so happy with our new home and Deborah’s fantastic work.

– Meg Crowly 2013

Deborah will be our realtor again! -- Mar 2015

We had an excellent experience with Deborah as our realtor. As first time homebuyers and being new to
the Santa Cruz area, we had tons of questions, and Deborah could answer them all (sometimes with a
little research). Based on our interactions with other realtors in the Santa Cruz area, Deborah stands out:
She’s careful, thoughtful and interested in her clients. Before you call anyone else, call Deborah — she’s

We moved to the Santa Cruz area from the Midwest (Detroit, actually), primarily for work. Not having
spent any substantial time in Santa Cruz county, it was all new to us. Deborah escorted us through all
the neighborhoods in Santa Cruz proper, as well as towns to the south (Aptos, Capitola, etc.) and in the
San Lorenzo Valley. All in all, over three separate trips, Deborah looked at over 50 homes with us. At the
end, she knew exactly what we were looking for, and when the house we ended up buying went on the
market, she generously previewed it to save us the trip to CA. Obviously, she thought we would love it —
and we do. After two years, we’re really happy with our home and our new neighborhood.

We also had a complicated mortgage, since it comes through my employer and there are a variety of
stipulations that make it quite different from a regular bank-owned mortgage. Deborah worked with our
mortgage administrator and got it all figured out — much more quickly than I could have.

I send all my friends and coworkers to Deborah, even when they aren’t in the market for a home (I hope
she doesn’t mind). If we ever sell our home and buy a new one, Deborah will be our realtor again.

– Mathew Wolf-Meyer 2010

My wife and I highly recommend Deborah Wood! -- Mar 2015

Our daughter and son-in-law were looking for their first home in the Santa Cruz area. Unfortunately,
their excitement soon turned to disappointment and frustration as the housing inventory in their price
range seemed to dry up over night. To make matters worse, their realtor did not seem to know the
market and was very unhelpful. This was a painful situation for my wife and I to observe.

Well, we obtained a recommendation for Deborah Wood from a highly-regarded source. What a
difference! Deborah Wood is proactive, an expert on the market, and is very helpful and responsive to
questions. She is also a very nice person, easy to work with.

Happily, our daughter and son-in-law now have their dream home, thanks in large part to Deborah
Wood. Without her, it probably would have been a much different story.

My wife and I highly recommend Deborah Wood!

– Jim H. 2013

From one happy single homeowning nurse! -- Mar 2015

I am a first time homebuyer that had so many questions. It was a scary process-Deborah went above
and beyond to answer my questions. I really felt she had my best interests at the fore-front of her mind,
and worked hard for me daily.

Due to my income restrictions, the market was competitive, but with her help I walked away from the
whole process with a place that is beautiful and is truly my home!

There is no one I would rather work with and I can’t recommend her enough for spending so much time
with me!

Happy homebuying-

From one happy single homeowning nurse!

– Erin Benefiel 2013

She is very organized, and punctual! -- Mar 2015

I worked with Deborah Wood in the spring of 2007. I am a first time buyer, and when I entered the
buying process I was quite naive, and a bit reluctant to begin looking for a home. First and foremost,
Deborah understood my perspective, and respected my desire to move slowly in the first few months of
looking. She told me early on that helping first time buyers is her favorite aspect of her job, and through
her patience and care in dealing with a new buyer like myself it quickly became clear that dealing with
the first time buyer is something she does quite well and takes pride in. I had many questions regarding
all aspects of the process (money and tax related questions, timing of various deposits and signings,
market related questions, details such as who is responsible for various appliances, etc), and Deborah
was a great resource. If she did not have an answer immediately she would always do a bit of research
and respond quickly.

Deborah was also very good at helping me weigh the pros and cons of various properties. I
entered the buying process with a small number of very specific requirements. We eventually compiled
a list of homes that fit these requirements but were quite different. She helped identify benefits and
problems with the various properties which I otherwise would not have recognized, and as a result I
found a home which matched, and surpassed what I originally was looking for. I am very happy with my
decision, and Deborah was an integral part of making it all happen.

It is also important to note that Deborah is very comfortable with email, and she operates an
online listing that she customized for my search, which was very helpful. She is very organized, and

– Eamons Briggs 2007

It was a pleasure working with her! -- Mar 2015

Deborah Wood is very professional. It was a pleasure working with her – an exception to Kollman’s
principle of real estate agents!! She took care of many details I hadn’t thought existed.

– Dr Wynetta S. Kollman

Deborah will do an amazing job! -- Mar 2015

Number of realtors that have represented my interests in the last 5 years: 7

Number of realtors that I have or would write a recommendation for: 1

Here is what I value in a Realtor:

Knowledge. I want someone that can bring me value beyond what I can get from going to Redfin and
putting in some parameters. I am fully capable of seeing what is on MLS and previewing pictures. What
Deborah brings is a wealth of knowledge. Be it neighborhood information that isn’t apparent or
intricacies of an easement that would take me a while to research, Deborah will either give you the
information or personally connect you with someone that has it.

Attention to Detail: The devil is always in the details. Whether it is a seemingly inconsequential detail
about the property that later comes back to haunt you or a peculiarity in the contract, Deborah is on top
of it. For example, there was one page, buried within a 400 page document, that Deborah remembered
and found when I had a specific question about the property. Amazing.

Honesty. Real estate is a tricky business. Especially on the buyer’s side. Being purely commissioned
based at a % of the sales price, real estate agents are incentivized to find the most expensive property at
the highest price that the buyer can afford. Deborah is the first agent I’ve worked with that has actually
dissuaded me from purchasing a (significantly) more expensive home — and for good reason. Even
knowing my maximum price point, she still included houses that were well below it — and we ended up
with one of those with her encouragement. I am extremely happy (and grateful) to her for ending up
with the property that we did. I don’t believe the outcome would have been the same with any other
agent I have worked with in the past.

At the end of the day, actions speak louder than words. When the deal was all said and done, we hired
Deborah again to manage our Vacation Rental Property. True to form, she has done an amazing job —
finding, managing, and dealing with every detail. Whether you are looking for a new house or someone
to help manage a rental property, Deborah will do an amazing job.

– David Lu 2013

We highly recommend Deborah Wood as a reliable and trustworthy realtor. -- Mar 2015

To Whom It May Concern,

We would highly recommend Deborah Wood as your real estate agent. It was
due to her expertise and hard work that we were able to sell our house in
this difficult housing market. She met with us prior to the listing and
gave us a very realistic appraisal and time line. Upon signing with
Deborah, she immediately set up a beautiful website showing all that our
home had to offer a potential buyer. We could always depend on her to
quickly respond to our calls/emails or to stop by to reassure us when we
had questions or concerns.

This was our second dealing with Deborah. She was our agent when we
bought our home in 2006. We are so happy that we chose her both times.
We wanted an agent who was not only knowledgeable but also one that would
handle our transactions in a professional and ethical manner.

We highly recommend Deborah Wood as a reliable and trustworthy realtor!

-Brian Harriet Lacey 2012

Deborah helped my wife and I purchase our first home together in the Seabright! -- Oct 2013

Deborah helped my wife and I purchase our first home together in the Seabright
area of Santa Cruz. We had a few bad experiences with some other realtors and were almost expecting
the same with anyone else but we were pleasantly surprised with everything she did for us. We really
felt Deborah thoroughly covered everything we needed to know about the home buying process, in a
way that was both professional and friendly. She guided us were need her expertise, but she also
stepped back and let us make decisions in areas where we felt were important to us.

Deborah has the perfect balance of knowledge and great customer service that is really hard to find
sometimes in the real estate industry. She had some very creative ways of making our offer stand out
against others in this competitive market thanks to her years of experience.

We were never treated just like a number and it really seemed as if we were her only clients as she
worked night and day and even on her vacation when we needed to get our affairs in order. She is very
easy to get in touch with either by phone, email or text and wastes no time getting things done. In the
end, all the time and effort payed off as we are now in our dream house thanks to Deborah. We truly
consider her a good friend now for years to come. If we could give her 10 Stars on this site, we easily

– David Padron 2013